6 Tips For Startups About Fundraising

Yesterday, we talked about bootstrapping your startup or small business. What can you do if bootstrapping isn’t a good option for you? You may need to secure outside funding. In future videos, I’ll talk about sources of funding. In this 6 minute video, I offer six tips that I hope will help you obtain funding, regardless of source.

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  • Josephine

    It would be nice if video is close-captioned and it will be good for people with some disabilities who want to learn more about start up businesses. :)

  • http://www.rosskimbarovsky.com Ross

    Josephine – close captioning certainly would be nice. Unfortunately, it would be very time consuming for me. I do write about startup issues too – in this blog and in the blog at http://blog.crowdspring.com – and you should feel free to ask any questions.

  • Emily

    Hi Ross,

    All of these videos and tips are excellent, thanks! Your tip about not giving up on your startup while in the funding process was eye-opening. It’s sometimes easy to get bogged down and distracted with the funding and legal processes that entrepreneurs and business owners tend to shift away from the heart and core (and “big picture”) of the business.

    I am currently in the research and development stages of my internet startup and all of your blogs/posts/videos have been extremely helpful and inspiring. My partner and I have particularly enjoyed your startup tips, business plan, and financial modeling blogs. Your competitor evaluation article has been helpful too, as we are currently working on the competitive analysis portion of our plan.

    What are you feelings about debt vs. equity financing? I saw your recent post about the different kinds of financing, but I wanted to get your opinion on why you would choose one over the other. Are angel investors willing to invest in an internet startup without a track record? I guess the only way I can see that happening is if the startup has a great idea, a solid business plan and a strong leadership team. If our team is young, with little management skills, this could pose a problem. What are your thoughts?

    Do women entrepreneurs stand at a disadvantage (or maybe even an advantage) while trying to seek debt and/or equity financing? Since I am a young woman and aspiring entrepreneur I thought I would get your thoughts on this matter.

    Great work! I look forward to your upcoming advice and posts.

  • Lisette C

    Another gem………….I wish you continued success and thank you for helping me build mine.

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