Is Telling The Truth Bragging?

I wrote nearly a year ago about personal brands and reputation – “Personal Brand” – An Exercise In Linguistic Olympics? That post briefly looked at the debates that were then raging about personal brands. For me – it’s all about reputation (as my post made clear).

Last week, I talked with someone about bragging – specifically, whether telling the truth was bragging. The other person suggested that telling the truth is not bragging. I think the answer depends on the source of the statement, the context, and the audience. Even telling the truth can be bragging.

Why should you care? Reputation is important. We constantly engage in conversations – in person and online. And we rarely wonder whether our truthful statements could harm our credibility. They can – especially if others think we’re bragging. Watch the 3 minute video and let me know what you think. Is telling the truth bragging?

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