Protecting Your Ideas

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners worry about protecting their ideas. You should be more worried about people listening to your ideas, than about them stealing your ideas.

For those who worry about protecting ideas – here are five tips:

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  • Marshall Haas

    Regarding writing your ideas down:
    I couldn’t agree more. My idea that we discussed briefly has morphed so much since writing down my initial thoughts. However, I’ve referred back to them and have been able to remind myself of core differentiating concepts that should be focused on.

    I’ve taken a step back recently and taken a look at the big picture, stepping back from thinking it is so industry changing- Most ideas really are not. Executing ideas extremely well is where the fruit is


  • John McCormack

    Thanks for the advice. It helps when someone suggests to back away and look at things through a different prism.

  • Engin Gürelli

    “Execute and you won’t have to worry”

    Thanks for tips Ross. Definitely watching this video and listening your tips relaxed me and sorted out some concerns about stealing ideas.

  • Ross

    Marshall – I tend to agree. That doesn’t mean you should stop reaching for industry changing ideas – but it does mean that you shouldn’t dismiss an idea simply because it’s not.

    John and Engin – glad you enjoyed.

  • Sayo Martin

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been feeling a bit paranoid about people stealing my new s.networking idea. You’ve set my nerves at ease.

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