Startup Tip: Focus On Your Business, Not Your Title

It’s not uncommon, especially when there are multiple founders, to debate and even argue about titles. This typically happens very early in the life of a startup. Such arguments are both a waste of time and potentially lethal. They can destroy your startup. Focus on your business. Don’t worry about titles. Call everyone a co-founder and move on to more important issues. I explain why in this short 2 minute video.

Have you found creative ways to deal with titles on your team? Please share in the comments.

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  • Hey Ross,

    Great vid as always. For the corporate titles, we inately went with the ‘co-founder’ title for the 2 founders, and ‘founding team member’ for essentially everyone else. For our GP site, we’ll be re-iterating the titles to contextually relevant characters. So instead of engineer, we’ll have ‘code grunt’. For intern ‘assistant code grunt’, etc. It keeps things light, while maintaining just enough structure to function internally and easily get new people engaged.

  • It’s funny how I stumbled upon this post while we were bickering over titles yesterday for a new startup.

    And yes, it does waste an incredible amount of time and energy. I’ll take your advice and use the co-founder approach. haha!

  • Sami – good choices all around. “Light” titles can be fun and can help engage new people.

    Dwight – Glad to hear. Use the energy to build a kick-ass product! And good luck.

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