Startup Tip: Share Your Experience With Others

Why do I take the time to record these videos? I’ll give you part of the answer – it helps me learn! Why should you take the time to share your own experiences and mistakes with others? Watch this 4 minute video…

If you’re enjoying these videos, I ask for a small favor in return. Leave a comment with a suggestion or question or retweet this post (or both). And if there are particular topics you’d like to hear about – please let me know in the comments.

  • John

    Great tips! Thank you very much.

  • TJ Goan

    Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your efforts to share your experiences.

  • Rob D.

    I agree with these tips, and I speak from experience when I say that these are words that the CrowdSpring team lives by. As a recent MBA grad, I have been the beneficiary of an informative coffee chat with Mike. So thanks for all that you guys are doing to benefit the entire Chicagoland startup community. Including these informative videos.

  • Ross

    John – you’re welcome. Thanks for watching.

    TJ Goan – thanks for leaving a comment. Happy to share.

    Rob – nice of you to stop by. We’re big fans of the Chicagoland startup community, and look forward to continuing to help grow that community.

  • Erich

    Hey Ross,
    I really enjoy the videos and the valuable insight you share. It’s refreshing to see how encouraging you are to Chicago startup firms in person (we met at John Barleycorn – Tech cocktail), via this site and your tweets.

    We have been in biz since 1997 (area code 847) and are now re-inventing ourselves. Please continue sharing and providing your thoughts / vision. Great stuff!

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