Startup Tip: 5 Thoughts About Goals

One common problem for many entrepreneurs is the lack of clear goals. Even if you’re passionate about your startup idea – it’s important to regularly establish clear goals. In this video, I offer five thoughts about setting goals.

  • Chad Paulson

    Thanks for releasing this video (perfect timing for me personally). Working at crowdSPRING really helped me put into perspective the act of not only setting meaningful goals, but also how to measure them and influence accordingly.

    Invaluable blog series.

  • Justin White

    cool, i’m in the scary ‘starting up’ zone right now in Asia, so this is great advice/clarity
    honest, open, quality thinking
    cheers Ross

  • Ross

    Chad – great the video helped and that you’re finding the other videos helpful. Looking forward to seeing the fun stuff you’re working on.

    Justin – thank you and good luck!

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  • Nelson de Witt


    Great video/post. This is great timing for me as well. Just the other day I realized I need to be setting more goals for my business. I knew if I googled it there would be some great advise out there.

    Thanks for the tips. Now to put them into practice!


  • Ross

    Nelson – glad you found the video helpful and good luck!

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