Startup Tip: Create REAL Value

Young entrepreneurs often ask how they can increase the odds that their startup will succeed. While there are many different things that they should do, one of the most important is to create real value. Find a simple, elegant, and/or creative way to solve a common problem. I talk about creating value in the following short video.

  • Great “valuer” in the value message ..and remember that value is proportionate to the size of the problem it addresses/

  • Rivers Corbett – I think I mostly agree, although solving even a small problem could create value for the small group of people who face that problem. It might not make you wealthy or popular (not everyone cares about those things), but it could bring value to some.

    But you’re absolutely right that it’s important to understand the size of the problem and to recognize that your ability to create lots of value for large groups of people depends on your ability to solve meaningful problems faced by such groups of people.

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