Focus On Conversions, Not Just On Site Traffic

Many companies, especially small business and startups, obsess about the amount of traffic to their site.  Site traffic is important – it brings attention and the opportunity to convert visitors into users or paying customers. But traffic alone isn’t enough. In the following video, I offer three reasons why you should spend as much time focusing on your conversion efforts as you do focusing on your marketing and other traffic-generating efforts.

What do you think? Are conversions as important as traffic-generating efforts?

  • Andy Beard

    Hey Ross

    Was digging around for some positive 3rd Tribe reviews to balance out some negative I am going to be linking to, but couldn’t help notice you are using Vimeo.
    Did you realise it is not for commercial use, and their definition of commercial use probably covers your current useage (IANAL and you are/were)

  • Ross

    Andy – thanks for your comment. I’ve checked with Vimeo (as recently as two weeks ago) to make sure that my use was appropriate. I don’t derive any revenue from this blog (or from crowdSPRING’s blog) – they looked at both and said the use was appropriate. I respect their policies, and like their service – so there might come a time when I’ll need to move hosts. Do you have suggestions for a comparable/better video host?

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