To Innovate, You Have To Stay Dissatisfied

Success makes some people complacent. Other people expect to continue to succeed by doing the things that made them successful. This is not always possible, however. To innovate, you have to stay dissatisfied. Here’s why:

Do you agree?

  • Marc Köhlbrugge


    I would like to add it’s best not only to be dissatisfied, but actually have a clear goal you want to achieve as well. (For crowdSPRING this might be bringing the power of crowdsourcing to all creative endeavors all around the world.)

    This way you’re not just trying to be dissatisfied in general, but have a goal in mind which will automatically dissatisfy you and push you in the right direction. This also means you’ll focus on the objective rather than the dissatisfaction of the current situation.

  • Ross

    Marc – absolutely true. Goals are very important.

    But what happens what happens when you reach your goal? You might have a long-term goal and it would take you a bit of time to do so, but let’s say you have a more modest goal – to design a certain feature. Once you reach it, do you say – cool, I’m done? I’m suggesting that you have to stay dissatisfied (I often talk about the need for startup teams to stay hungry) to truly innovate.

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