The Need To Refocus From Time To Time

It’s common for us to be consumed by our daily tasks and routines, at the expense of focus, learning, and assessment of strategy.

Two announcements yesterday highlighted for me the importance of constantly reassessing the direction in which we’re moving (personally and professionally). The first was a post by Chris Brogan – “What Goes Into Redrawing” – talking about why he’s decided to “redraw” how he connects with people, spends his day, and pursues his business interests. The second was a video by Gary Vaynerchuk talking about his decision to significantly adjust what he calls his “work/work” balance (Gary’s video is below mine).

It’s very important to step aside from daily routines and tasks and assess what’s working and what isn’t. While you can balance your own daily priorities and routines, and teams can refocus by going on on strategy retreats, that’s often not enough. It’s also important for us to find ways to refocus individually over a longer term. Here’s why:

Here’s Gary’s video:

How do you periodically refocus what you’re doing (personally and professionally)?

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