Failure Is Rarely Permanent

If you do something that carries more risk, you are more likely to fail. That’s one reason so many people fear failure. But if you risk nothing, you risk everything.

The question isn’t whether you will fail – everyone fails at something. The question is what you do after you fail.

Here’s a wonderful short video showing why failure is rarely permanent. Michal Marosi was racing in a mountain bike race. He was in the lead and made a risky move on an aerial descent that got him into trouble. He could have easily stopped racing. Instead, despite the big setback, Michal got back on his bike and executed an absolutely incredible passing move that was even more risky than the one that caused him to fall.

It’s a great reminder that failure is rarely permanent. Your attitude can turn even catastrophic failure into success.

  • Great post Ross. I recently listened an interview of a coaching client who was lamenting that he was a failure simply because he didn’t try to do anything due to fear and passivity. So do or do not…we will fail at some point. There can be no success without failure. Loved the video as well, that wall ride was pretty sick.

    • Ross Kimbarovsky

      Wesley – all true. In fact, “not doing” something because of fear is a different type of failure – but not the type that helps you to later succeed.

  • I love this. Great insight that the move that caused him to succeed was even more risky than the one that caused him to fail.

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