How Do You Find The Right Co-Founder For Your Startup?

How do you find the right co-founder for your start-up or small business? In this 4 minute video, I share three tips based on my own experience.

Do you have other tips to add or your own story to tell? Please do so in the comments?


  1. Ross- This post is perfectly timely as we consider adding a 3rd co-founder to our team.
    Enjoying the recent video posts, keep it up bud.

  2. Hi, Ross. I’m loving your video blogs about start-ups lately, especially today’s. I’d love to be the one with the business idea for once and have the problem of finding a co-founder, but I’ve traditionally been the one that people come to for help with evaluating their idea and possibly getting it started.

    I definitely should have taken your advice with my last venture in 2007 that actually got off the ground. Right after the website launched and we “opened” for business, my partner (whose idea it was) took a 12-hour-a-day job and started contributing almost nothing to the business whatsoever, outside of the occasional email. Her job was marketing and PR, while mine was everything else (tech, ops, finance, legal). I finally took over marketing and PR too, and started devoting my life outside of my day job to it because I really believed in it.

    Finally, last Fall, she moved to CA, leaving me to do everything. I obviously saw this as a good thing because now I could negotiate taking over a majority ownership of the company and keep pursuing this passion. She didn’t accept that, and felt it was her idea and still wanted her 50% of the company, which I was definitely unwilling to do. I then said she “can have 100% of nothing, then”, in my obvious anger and frustration, and ended up dissolving the business almost immediately.

    Long story short, what would you do when a co-founder completely bails on the company but wants to keep their “my idea” stake?

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