Want Your Startup To Succeed? Brainstorm!

How can you improve the odds that your startup or small business idea will succeed? In this 3 minute video, I share some tips based on my own experience with crowdSPRING, focusing on brainstorming after you first come up with your idea.

Do you have other tips to add or your own story to tell? Please do so in the comments…


  1. Who ever thought they could learn anything about brainstorming. Too often brainstorms are more about the storm, everyone shouting out ideas and selling their own than about the brain: thinking, listening, revising, thinking, sharing, formulating. As I work on some of my new ideas, many of them more complex and longer lasting than an ad campaign, thanks to the opportunities of social media, I find that I’m trying to do just this. Though you clarified it for me.

  2. Edward – I think back to my college days where I did a lot of brainstorming (I was on the debate team) and am horrified to remember that we went about it the wrong way. Not much listening – lots of interruption. Lots of criticism. There is indeed an art to brainstorming, as I’m learning with our team at crowdSPRING. It’s taken us some time to get better but the effort is very much worth it.

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