Research Tips For Startups and Small Businesses

Do you think you have a great idea for a startup or a small business? In this 4 minute video, I share tips based on my own experience with crowdSPRING and my 13 year career as a lawyer (where I did quite a lot of research), about ways you can improve your research and better refine your idea.

Do you have other tips to add or your own story to tell? Please do so in the comments…


  1. I think your last point about action is one of the most important steps. Execution even though your product/solution may not be 100% perfect in your eyes is key to preventing stalls. Yes it can be a little uncomfortable if you are a perfectionist, but most of the time, our 75% will be a customer’s 110%, and the “flaws” will never be missed.

  2. Dave – absolutely true. And even more important for those who ARE perfectionists to understand. Many businesses have failed to get off the ground because the leaders were trying to get it just right – and the market flew by them pretty quickly.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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