Startup Tip: Even Imperfect Practical Experience Is Good

Some people worry about doing something unless they spend a substantial amount of time preparing and reading about the perfect way to do it. While there are times when hyper detailed preparation is critical, those times are rare. Most other times, even imperfect practical experience is good. I discuss why in this short video.

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  1. “Less time reading about things, and more time working on your practical experience”

    Ouch, this one really hit home. I probably read much to often and should spend more time focusing on doing…thanks for the reminder Ross.

  2. Interesting reminder. I helped launch a similar product in the UK, US and Oz. In the UK particularly, hit the ground running with an number of brand building initiatives based on instincts and experience. In many ways we punched a lot harder than our weight and although we felt otherwise we were an idea before its time. Then Crowdsourcing was only being whispered about – in the end we set the scene and I hope inspiration for guys like you. Worth remembering also that whilst you are building a brand you need to get those paying clients on board too.
    You are right though you need to get on with the job and learn, read as you go. Good luck to you all- I’ve always believed that a good idea can come from anyone- regardless of age, provenance or reputation.


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