Startup Tip: Incremental Steps

It’s easy to get excited by an idea and invest a lot of time and effort into executing that idea. But not all ideas are great, and the effort isn’t always justified. After numerous false starts, entrepreneurs can get discouraged. They shouldn’t. Instead, they should test their ideas in incremental steps. I discuss why in this video.


  1. I really like this Ross. Sometimes it’s hard to roll out a product in stages in fear that it’s not quite ready and you will disappoint or offend your users, but I believe at this point the reality is, by the time you start to pick up a significant amount of clients and eyes on your product, you could have rolled out quite a few iterations while measuring with the brave early adopters and asking their opinions how to make your products better. Consistency in deployment is probably key and looking like an active product is a good thing.

    Thanks for the reassurance in our direction and excellent tips.

  2. Darren – Absolutely true about the difficulties of rolling a product out – it seems like a catch-22 but it really isn’t. It’s easy to get fixated on getting everything perfect – many startups burn through initial funding and never launch a product because of that. But you’re right that consistency in deployment is important. Otherwise, your release schedules might seem chaotic to your customers and potential customers. Thanks for adding that insight.

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